Roofing Wind Damage Repairs

Roof Wind Damage

6628811 – fixing damaged roof shingles. a section was blown off after a storm with high winds causing a potential leak.

Many home owners are misguided in the notion that only rain and hail storms are able to inflict harm to your house and roofing system. Rain Storms and hail storms do their share of damage, but high winds have got to be the thing that does the most damage to a roof or house. Roofs are recognized for how dependable they are, but with strong winds, there will be places on the roof that can become damaged. Your insulation and decking can become exposed because of strong winds, which will then prompt water to move into your home and cause leaks, mildew, and rotten wood. Strong winds will not just damage the roofing directly, but if the wind is strong enough, it is able to throw tree branches and debris onto your roofing system. This has the risk to scuff up your roofing system and also remove shingles in the process. Debris can’t really do a ton of damage to the roofing system, but it is able to block up gutters that will then force water to puddle on the roofing. With roofing protection fading after a few years, that can actually inflict more damage.

Select your storm damage experts when you need roof wind damage repair in New Orleans. At ECO Commercial Roofing, we give you the storm damage services you need to get your roofing back defending your home. Using the latest techniques, our roof wind damage repair fortifies and repairs your roof, giving it the fortification it requires to manage future storms and winds. Our professional roofers are always available to chat with you about your roof wind damage repair! Call us today at 877-406-7663!

Wind Damage Inspection

When trying to appraise if you need roof wind damage repair, there is a small inspection you can do. While investigating the state of your roof, note any loose or missing materials from the roofing structure. More damage can be caused by the decreased state of your roofing when high winds break off all of your defense. If you notice curling, damage, or water on your roofing system, it is an indicator that there may be a leak in your roofing structure. The last storm may have also left dents from tree and debris along the surface of your roof system.

Damage can lie buried underneath the layers of your roofing structure and stay invisible for a long time. To detect any damage not easily apparent outside of your house, determine your roof structure within your attic to detect any leaks or damage. It is important to ensure all roofing damage is located and noted, so have one of our skilled roofers inspect your roof system today. We strengthen your roof and complete roof wind damage repair to get your roofing system back defending your home. Let’s get started today! Contact ECO Commercial Roofing at 877-406-7663 for roof wind damage repair in New Orleans.