Roof Insurance Claims

Roof damage Insurance Claims

Our Experienced Team Can Help You With All Of Your Roof Insurance Needs.

Shreveport and New Orleans, LA, TX roof damage insurance claims help is only a call away for your residence! Roof damage insurance claims are one of the most intense and bewildering facets of homeownership for many people. Because filing is trying, you may be undecided of what to file and if the damage is acceptable for filing. Hail and storm damage can be left unfixed and grow damage if not filed fast and accordingly. For all of your roof damage insurance claims needs, contact ECO Commercial Roofing! We give roof system inspection services to aid you in assessing your roof after the storm has passed. Our roofers thoroughly inspect your roofing system, exposing all damage and consider your choices for your roofing. If the damage is found to be significant enough, we will advocate that you file roof damage insurance claims. Our damage report can assist as a piece of your documentation when you are cooperating with your insurance company for repair.

When the time comes for repairs and replacements, our team is on hand to revive your roofing back to its best. To kick off your roof damage insurance claims today, give us a call at (833) 200-0571!

Roofing Insurance Process

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Having A Qualified Roofer Present Is A Great Way To Make Sure You Get Your full Insurance Settlement.

Having a roof inspection done by a roofing company prior to you file roof damage insurance claims can be very helpful while navigating the claims process. First contact with an insurance adjuster will be setting a date for the adjuster’s inspection. Damage will be assessed and documented by the adjuster to uncover the repairs and coverage offered for roof damage insurance claims. The report from your roofing contractor will assist you when dealing with the adjuster, offering documentation for filing and allowing you to know of all present damage so you can work with the insurance company. Your filing documentation for the insurance adjuster should include the roofing system inspection summary and the contact information the roofing company. For additional discernible evidence, include before and after damage photographs of your roof for assessment. Information from the appraisal and the paperwork is then compiled by your adjustor, who creates a damage report that is sent to you. This damage report will also come with a first check to assist you in getting your repairs started, followed by a second once they receive an invoice from the roofing company after they complete your roofing system.

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At ECO Commercial Roofing, our team of certified, expert roofing contractors are always ready to aid you through the process of roof damage insurance claims. We will help you through every step of the process, from primary inspection to roof repair or replacement. Your needs and satisfaction are our first priority, and as such we take time to ensure you are fully briefed on the roofing process and your needs are met. Call (833) 200-0571 for ECO Commercial Roofing to begin on your roof damage insurance claims in Shreveport and New Orleans, LA, today.