What is replaced when you get a new roof?

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How do I know if my roof is bad?

As a commercial building owner, you realize that this is an important part of your business portfolio. Whether you operate a business yourself within the structure or lease to another company, the building itself is something that you know needs maintenance and upkeep. This includes when a commercial roof replacement is need.

A commercial structure roof plays an important role for the structure, providing protecting the interior from the outside elements.  Because of how they are constructed, a commercial roof is complex. There are several individual components within a commercial roof that should be in good condition to ensure the performance you expect and need to avoid the expense of a commercial roof replacement.

One of the best ways to find out if your commercial roof is bad or has issues is to perform routine roof inspections. Roofing contractors recommend routine inspections on a monthly basis and additional inspections after significant weather activity. With this roof inspection routine, you can find small issues and have the repairs made or a commercial roof replacement done before the interior is damaged.

1. Ponding – this occurs on a commercial flat roof when the drainage system isn’t adequate. If the drainage is blocked, the water can’t rain off the flat roof, setting the roof up for failure. Failure to keep the drains clear can be determined by your insurance company as owner neglect and void any warranty.

2. Interior Moisture – When you see water stains on the ceiling or condensation building up, roof repair or commercial roof replacement may be needed. However, it could also be from your HVAC system. Before calling a contractor for either situation, determine where the leak is coming from and go from there.

3. Rot – this will appear in areas that are restricted or unused and roof leaks go unnoticed. When performing your monthly inspection as suggested above, it should include an interior inspection in these areas.  

4. Mildew and Mold – both are found on and behind walls, suggestive of moisture problems. These can also be caused by plumbing issues. Again, you’ll need to determine where the mildew and mold are coming from and address the problem accordingly. If commercial roof replacement is the answer, this is your building, and the ROI is unlimited.

5. Neglect, Wear and Tear – As commercial roof ages, it will begin showing wear and tear. If your structure has a new commercial roof replacement and you fail to have the suggested monthly inspections, your insurance company could see this as neglect.

How do I know when my roof needs to be replaced?

Commercial roof replacement is expensive, but it something that protects your business investment. A major problem can be disastrous. Expensive equipment and inventory can be ruined. Your business could be out of operation for a period of time, or even bring it to a close.

Routine roof inspection and maintenance can avoid this, but you need to know when a commercial roof replacement is the best option.  far better (and cheaper) to keep up with roofing maintenance. So, what are the signs you need to know if a commercial roof replacement is needed?

  • Leaks: If you have water leaking down on your head when it rains, that’s an obvious indication you need a commercial roof replacement or repair job. Sometimes, a water leak isn’t always noticeable, especially with commercial buildings where the underside isn’t always easy to see. What you need to look for are secondary signs like mold or water spots on the ceiling. If there is an attic, go up and check water damage, mold, and any strange odor.
  • Blisters: Check for blistering on the rooftop. This is created when water is trapped in the insulation. It begins to eat the roof from the inside, releasing gases, and blisters are formed.
  • Damaged Shingles: If there are cracked, curled, split, or otherwise damaged shingles on your commercial roofing, this is often where moss has begun to form and grow, trapping water under the shingles. A  commercial roof replacement is typically the best solution.
  • Damaged Roof Membrane: Flat commercial roofing is typically covered with a membrane, which should be inspected on a regular routine that includes looking for damage. You need to look for balding or lifting, both indicate there is no sealing there, and problems are soon to follow.

So, is it time for commercial roof replacement or will a repair or reroof be sufficient? An experienced and reliable commercial roofing contractor can provide roof replacement assistance and the options that are available, and which is the best for your commercial structure. What is the difference between roof replacement vs reroof for a commercial structure? Commercial roof replacement is exactly that: replacing your roof.  A reroof job is applying new roofing material over the existing roof.

How long does a 30 year roof really last?

The installation a new commercial roof replacement , proper maintenance is necessary. The average commercial roofing can have a lifespan between ten and forty years. This can be dependent with the materials used, the climate, and environment.

Does a new roof increase property value?

Definitely! A new commercial roof replacement will give you a great ROI for your investment when the roof replacement and building regulations are in line as required for a commercial structure.  When your commercial roof replacement and insulation are both updated, the ROI is even higher.

A commercial roof replacement can be some inconvenience for your business, both the employees and customers. It is recommended to schedule your roofing job during the slow time or over the weekend.  If the winter months are slower, a new roof replacement in winter is possible with the contractor taking extra precautions and steps to protect your structure and the interior. Call 877-406-7663 today for your roofing system replacement in New Orleans, LA.

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