What is involved in roof restoration?

Dirty and damaged concrete flat roof.

Why choose roof restoration?

It can be costly to maintain a commercial structure, especially taking into account roof repair costs or even the costs associated with a roof replacement.  This is why many commercial structure owners are choosing roof restoration instead. But what is roof restoration, besides a huge money and time saver? 

Roof restoration is the process of repairing the weak points of a commercial flat roof. These include Built-Up, EPDM, Mod-Bit, PVC, TPO, and some SPF-coated roofs among others. The process typically includes replacing the fasteners, flashing, and seams as well as rebuilding the roof surface. A highly engineered coating is also used on the existing roof decking. After a roof restoration is done, your structure will be protected against leaks and will have a new warranty to restore the lifespan of the original roof. 

Understanding the Roof Restoration Process

It can be easy to ignore a small drip coming from the ceiling during a hard rain, or put off repairs “until later”. Then that drip becomes a trickle. Then you notice more insects and rodents in the building and think, “Is it time to do something about this?” When this happens, it might be time for roof restoration.

The temptation to look the other way when it comes to roof repair work and replacements can be strong, especially considering the high costs you may be dealing with. However, roof restoration is a middle-of-the-road option that you should inquire about – the sooner the better.  A commercial roof restoration will involve the following process overall:

The Inspection:

A commercial roofing contractor will perform a visual inspection to identify the specific problem areas of your roof. They will note issues such as cracked and deteriorating membranes, loose fasteners, split seams, moisture issues such as ponding, boots, flashing, pipes, and other protrusions on the roof. The insulation and decking will be inspected as well, and you will be given a detailed report with recommendations that may include roof repair, roof restoration, or roof replacement. 

The Roof Restoration Process:

You want to choose a commercial roofing contractor that is experienced in performing roof restoration for the type of roofing membrane your structure has. If you opt for a roof restoration is chosen, the following steps will take place: 

  •         Pressure Washing: 1 to 2 days
  •         Roof Repairs and Surface Prep:  1 to 2 days
  •         Roof Coating Process: 1 to 2 days

What is an example of restoration?

Three key techniques are used to apply elastomeric coatings to commercial roofing for roof restoration purposes. There are several factors to consider when choosing the best technique for each roof. Those factors include:

  • The roof type
  • The roof construction
  • The product chemistry
  • The time of year
  • The contractor’s preference

Among the techniques that will be considered are: 

The Airless Sprayer

Also referred to as a spray rig, this is the most efficient technique, though it is expensive and requires somebody with good mechanical and technical skills. With a hydraulic pump, the roof restoration coating materials are atomized into a sprayable form under a high pressure and flow rate.

The Tank Spreader

While it is a newer method in the roof restoration business, this option is gaining popularity because it is inexpensive and simpler than other choices. The gravity-fed design of the spreader carries out roof restoration by pouring the chosen material into a reservoir. After this, an operator pulls the spreader and the roof restoration material flows out onto an application roller. Consistent mill coverage is achieved, reducing the overspray risk common with the airless sprayer technique.

Is roof restoration worth it?

When determining if a roof restoration vs replacement is best, consider these benefits of roof restoration: 

  • Less Expensive 

A full commercial roof replacement can cost up to $20 per square foot. A roof restoration is a fraction of that cost, potentially being o 70% cheaper because it requires less labor, less material, and no need to remove an existing roof (which is referred to as tear-off).

  • Longer Life Expectancy

Roof restoration can prolong an original roof’s lifespan by up to 20 years. Multiple roof restorations can be done on many structures as well, prolonging the need for a complete roof replacement. 

  • Improved Performance 

Roof restoration coatings adhere fully to commercial roof surfaces with a monolithic, protective, and watertight membrane. Leaks are effectively stopped and roof performance is improved, reducing the need for maintenance and repairs.

  • Reduced Energy Costs 

A roof restoration can provide excellent reflectivity with additional emissive qualities, which may improve the energy efficiency of a roof with up to a 90% reflection of the UV rays. This diminishes heat transfer to the structure, drastically reducing the load on an HVAC system and cutting back the costs needed to cool a structure by as much as 20%. 

  • Sustainable

With stricter regulations in mind, roof restoration has been found to be a sustainable roofing solution that meets building codes and environmental regulations while also addressing environmental concerns. Fewer materials go to landfills as there is no tear-off of the existing roof. 

  • Minimal Disruption

A roof restoration can be far less disruptive to one’s daily business than a roof replacement overall.

Workers renovating a roof.

The Big Question for Commercial Structure Owners

If roof restoration is cheaper than purchasing a new roof or the costs of continued roof repair, just how much does it cost for a roof restoration? This will depend on the type of roofing system in place, but the average roof restoration cost is between $6 per square foot and $9 per square foot. If you are interested in roof restoration in New Orleans, LA and surrounding areas, call ECO Commercial Roofing at 877-406-7663 to get your project started.

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