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Copper Roofing Can Endure for Over 100 Years!

Metal roofing has exploded in the last few decades! The sheer variety of colors and styles available is enough to make the average consumer’s head spin. It can be hard to settle on a specific metal, so we’ve patched together a short list of favorites. Here are three of our top metal roof systems, plus our reasons for loving them so much.

#1: Steel

There’s no doubt: steel is a classic. It up to 50 years of protection for homeowners, and it rarely shows signs of aging during that lengthy lifespan. One of the top reasons we love steel however, is the sheer variety of styles and designs available to homeowners. Many consumers don’t realize how light and versatile steel can be. Experienced craftsmen can be folded into sheets or coated with stone for a more traditional aesthetic.

#2: Aluminum

With a little paint, aluminum provides a fabulous cover for any style of housing. The metal is highly flexible, allowing roofers to craft a myriad of styles and shapes. Consumers love aluminum because of its incredible reflectivity. Deflected sunlight means lower energy bills, and who doesn’t like lower energy bills? Our favorite perk of aluminum however: aluminum is virtually immune to corrosion. On the beach with salty humidity or in climates with frequent rain and snow, aluminum just refuses to rust.

#3: Copper

A short disclaimer: copper roofing is considered a premium (expensive) roofing system. Homeowners that get past the initial investment however, enjoy a lifetime of robust protection and corrosion resistance. Our roofers however, love copper for the unique hue it develops over the years. Every copper roofing system develops a different hue of green or blue luster that’s simply beautiful.

There you go! These are three of our favorite materials for metal roof systems. If you’d like more information about metal roofing in New Orleans, LA, talk to one of our enthusiastic professionals at877-406-7663.

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