How Long Does Spray Foam Roofing Last?

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How long does spray foam roofing last?

Thinking about installing foam roofing? Of all the many benefits of foam roofing, one attractive trait is longevity. The initial spray foam roof application will last anywhere between 20 to 35 years, depending on weather, climate, and maintenance. While that might not sound like a long time, the foam roof won’t have to be replaced after that time. Instead, the foam will just need to be reapplied, which can add another 20 years to its lifespan.

Along with longevity, you can expect a foam to protect the roof from leaks and improve your building’s overall energy efficiency. If you are interested in commercial foam roofing in New Orleans, LA, the trusted roofers to count on are those at ECO Commercial Roofing. You can find out more or schedule services by calling 877-406-7663.

Is spray foam roofing good?

Foam roofing has plenty of benefits. Along with being long-lasting and versatile, these lightweight roofs are known for the added protection they provide to your roofing system and building. Their seamless design, for instance, is airtight and protects the roof from leaks, and other problems common to flat roofs like ponding. These roofs also don’t attract mold and fungi. They also improve energy efficiency. Airight, these roofs serve as great insulation. They have an R-value of between 6.2 and 6.5, and have high thermal resistance. When applying foam roofing for commercial building roofing, you can expect to save as much as 30 to 50 on heating and cooling costs. All these benefits make foam roofing a leading choice as a commercial roofing solution.

How to apply foam roofing

Applying foam roofing is a relatively simple process. With the right skills and materials you can apply foam roofing yourself, though it’s always best to rely on professionals to ensure the application goes smoothly.

The steps in application include:

  • Preparing the roof by clearing the roof of debris and cleaning it.
  • Caulking will need to be applied as an adhesive, and is used to seal gaps or cracks or small holes.
  • Apply the foam.
  • Apply a protective coating like acrylic over the foam. 

How thick is foam roofing

When foam roofing is sprayed on, it starts out as a liquid, but it then expands and solidifies. After it expands, the layer is between 1- and 1 ½-inches thick. To preserve the foam, a protective layer of roof coating like acrylic or silicone is added, but minimally increases the thickness. The coating is only about 20 to 30 mils in thickness, and a mil is just one thousandth of an inch. The coating is necessary to protect the foam from ultraviolet light.

Can spray foam stop leaks?

Of the many advantages spray foam has, it’s seamless design allows it to stop leaks. Although spray foam starts off as a liquid, it quickly expands and solidifies. When it expands and solidifies, it covers the roof’s substrate, and gets into areas other types of materials can’t get into. It fills gaps and seals over pinhole leaks. While larger holes and other repairs need to be made before the foam is applied, once the foam roofing is applied, it will help prevent other leaks from occurring. 

How do you maintain a foam roof?

Another appeal of foam roofing is that it requires very little maintenance. Primarily, it will need to be swept or sprayed clean of debris, and a recoating after about five years will need to be made. The first recoating is a major way to preserve the roof. Keeping foot traffic to a minimum is a good idea. If there is heavy foot traffic, small holes may open in the foam. These holes can be repaired with caulking. If there are larger holes a recoat will need to be applied. If you don’t recoat the roof, minimize foot traffic, or keep the roof clean and clear of debris, the roof will begin to slowly deteriorate. You will begin to see small pits form. Any pitting like this will prevent you from recoating the roof. Any recoating you do should be made in moderate temperatures. Temperatures shouldn’t be below 65 degrees or the foam will not set properly. If it’s too hot, the coating will set too fast.

How much does it cost to replace a foam roof?

Foam roofing costs will vary depending on the slope, pitch and size of the roof. On average the spray foam will cost anywhere between about $6,000 to $7,200. The foam costs between $2.50 to $3 per square foot.

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To gain all the benefits of foam roofing in New Orleans, LA, get help from the leading commercial roofing contractors at ECO Commercial Roofing. We provide a complete range of spray foam and roof coating solutions. We also cover an extensive service area. Find out how we can help or schedule services with us by calling 877-406-7663.

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