How are slate roofs installed?

slate roofing material ready to be installed

Why would you choose a slate roof vs shingles?

There are multiple roofing material options available today. It can be a challenge to choose one, and while the budget is always the big concern, knowing which roofing material will be the best option is a factor too. Asphalt shingles are indomitable of American roofs that most homeowners are most familiar with having. Shingle manufacturers today deliver an attractive, dependable, high-quality asphalt shingle that not only serves its purpose but enhances the appearance of your home. Whereas a slate roof is more expensive, but it too can add to the aesthetics and provides a high level of durability and is a value add to any home.

Are slate roofs good?

A slate roof that is properly installed and maintained can last a century or even longer. It can withstand the human and natural elements better than other roofing materials because it is fireproof, storm-resistant. When it comes to a slate roof with moss, you won’t find any because they are impermeable to water and is resistant to algae and moss that are damaging to an asphalt shingle roof.

Because slate roof material comes from a natural stone that has composite material blended into it, they are environmentally friendly. The only roofing material that comes close in environmentally friendly is cedar shake tile.

A home gains a different appearance with a slate roof installed. It gives a home an elegant look, and when it comes to selling your home later, it will grab a buyer’s attention.

slate roof in top condition due to quality maintenance

How do you maintain a slate roof?

The slate roof of the house can have a long lifespan when taken care of by the homeowner. This begins with an annual inspection every spring. With the inspection, you can catch any damage, and have it repaired before it causes more damage.  The essential components of a slate roof ahead of time for budget purposes. Proactiveness will save you money instead of waiting until your slate roof is leaking and have to pay for emergency service.

  • Broken or Slipped Slate:  It is bound to happen, especially if there are trees around, and a strong storm comes through. The best way to get this fixed is to hire an experienced roofing contractor that is trained in slate roof repairs.
  • Flashings: Like any roof, the metal at the chimney base, along the ridge, and in the valleys of your slate roof. Copper flashings have a maintenance-free life expectancy around 70 years, and the natural patina gives a slate roof an exceptional appearance. 
  • Chimneys: If not maintained, a chimney on a slate roof can be a headache. In addition to the masonry upkeep of the chimney, the flashing and flue must be maintained for them to do their job of keeping water out. This means the annual inspection mentioned earlier is a must to make sure the chimney and all of its components are in good condition.
  • Downspouts and Gutters: The final aspects of a slate roof that is the downspouts and gutters. All types of gutters need maintenance if they are doing the job intended, and the same for the downspouts. If you have galvanized gutters, you will need to have them painted regularly to keep them looking as good as your slate roof.

Do slate roofs need ventilation?

Slate roofs are made of rock that has been quarried from deep holes in the ground, through pits, shafts, and tunnels. The material is then hand-worked into a manageable size before being split into roofing shingles with chisels and hammers. A slate roof is waterproof and watertight, but it is not airtight. Ventilation in the attic willprevent condensation under the roof sheathing that is caused by warm inside air leaking into space.

Can you walk on a slate roof?   

You could, but if you’re not experienced at walking on roofs at all, it is recommended to leave inspections and repairs to those who are. There is a balance of delicacy and stability when it comes to walking on a slate roof. Even if one that is a century old and is doing the job of protecting a home, it can be damaged easily if caution is not used.  And experienced slate roof installer will erect scaffolding or use prop hook ladders to do an inspection or make repairs.  

What is the life expectancy of a slate roof?

The longevity of a slate roof is essential to a home’s value. Roofing of any kind is expensive, and the slate is one of the more costly types. It is also one that doesn’t require replacement for over 100 years; some have been around for 200 years or longer.

A slate roof can be a beautiful addition to any home, but for a home that hasn’t had a slate roof before, it is recommended to get an engineer check, making sure the structure can handle the weight. Additionally, not every roofing contractor is experienced with a slate roof. Always ask for references so that you can drive by and check out the results. Call 877-406-7663 today for slate roofing installation for your home in New Orleans, LA.

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